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Quality loft conversions in Upminster

At Trendy Lofts, we provide a one-to-one loft conversion service from planning to completion. Our friendly team of fully qualified tradesmen has over 22 years of experience – we don’t use subcontractors at any point.

As specialists in loft conversions in Upminster and across London, we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction, providing certification and registration with appropriate governing bodies, regular inspections, and a 10-year guarantee for your comfort.

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Our recent loft conversions

Explore our gallery of stunning, high-quality loft transformations, built by Trendy Lofts. If you would prefer to see our work in person, why not request a viewing of a show loft?

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How much does a loft conversion cost in Upminster?

The cost of a loft conversion in Upminster depends on several factors, such as the type of loft conversion required (e.g. dormer, hip to gable, mansard or other), the size of your loft space, and any specific design requirements.

Trendy Lofts has completed many loft conversions in the Upminster area so we can provide an accurate estimate of the costs involved. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quotation to find out how much it will cost to convert your loft.

Did you know

Housing in Upminster

Upminster, a historic and picturesque town in the London Borough of Havering, is an idyllic blend of urban charm and rural tranquility.

It is is a suburban town in East London, England, situated within the London Borough of Havering. Here are some interesting details:
•⁠ ⁠Location: Upminster is located approximately 16.5 miles (26.6 km) east-northeast of Charing Cross.
* Historical Roots:
* The placename “Upminster” is first recorded in 1062 as “Upmynstre” and appears in the 1086 Domesday Book as “Upmunstra.” It is formed from Old English “upp” (meaning ‘on high ground’) and “mynster” (meaning ‘the large church’). The high ground refers to St Laurence’s parish church, which overlooks the valley of the River Ingrebourne.
* An alternative explanation suggests that “upp” could relate to the geographical relationship with a church at Barking or Tilbury during Anglo-Saxon times.
* Economic Development:
* Upminster’s economic history shifted from farming to brick making and eventually to a garden suburb.
* Agriculture was predominant in earlier centuries, and there was a growth in market gardening during the 19th century.
* Notably, a smock mill built in 1803 remains as part of the area’s heritage.

If you are unsure whether your loft can be converted, or what type of loft conversion is best suited to your property, please get in touchIf you are unsure whether your loft can be converted, or what type of loft conversion is best suited to your property, please get in touch.

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Types of Loft Conversions in Upminster


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At Trendy Loft Conversions we are specialists in loft conversions covering all of London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

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