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How we build your loft.

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Get in Touch

The first step is for us to establish your loft conversion requirements and answer any questions you might have. You can call our office or simply complete our online form.

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A Friendly Meeting

We can then arrange a free no obligation meeting at your home to discuss your loft conversion requirements and needs. We can view and measure your loft, explain what rooms you could have, and see what size of rooms are feasible.

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Draw Up Plans

We will then take the ideas from our meeting and our architectural designer will draw up a set of loft conversion plans showing the layout, dimensions and look of the proposed room(s). These plans will be sent to you along with a quote and all the information you need. Plans will be sent to your local authority to be approved and granted permission.

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Do the Work

Once agreed, we will arrange a date to commence works. Works usually last 6-8 weeks depending on the size of your loft and our friendly team will be there every step of the way.

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We will erect the scaffolding around your house in a way that ensures minimal disruption, allowing you to carry on with your work and home life as usual.

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Next, we will gather all the necessary materials for the build. We take care to colour-match bricks to the existing building, making it look like you always had a loft conversion!

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Ripped out

Depending on the works required for your loft conversion, we may then rip out existing structures and furnishings to make room for your new living space.

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Beams & Cladding

Once your loft has been stripped to the bare bones, we can start work on the beams and cladding, laying the foundations for the conversion.

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We will make sure your new Dormer or Velux windows fit perfectly into your new loft space, bringing more natural light into the room and making it feel more breathable.

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The next step is to plaster the walls and ceilings, giving them a smooth and even finish. This will help to make the loft room feel more homely.

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Plumbing & Finishing

If you have opted to fit a bathroom in your loft, the plumbing will be completed at this stage, as well as all the finishing touches to your new room(s).

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Inspection & Sign Off

Upon completion, you will receive all the requisite certificates and approvals. You’re then free to decorate, furnish and (most importantly) enjoy your new loft space!


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We provide a friendly one-to-one service from start to finish and have a team of qualified tradesmen with over 15 years of experience in loft conversions.

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